Michaela Burton

Michaela began her Audiology career in Birmingham in 1998, moving to the Leicester Royal Infirmary's Balance Centre in 2000 to specialise in vestibular (inner ear imbalance) diagnosis and rehabilitation. She has been performing the balance diagnostic testing with The London Road Clinic since its opening in 2006.

Her interest in helping those with the anxiety and stress that is so often accompanying dizziness and imbalance led to studying and qualifying in clinical hypnotherapy and as an NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming) practitioner, complimenting her MSc in Rehabilitation studies from Aston University.

Alongside her diagnostic work at the London Road Clinic and her NHS work at Leicester Royal Infirmary Michaela has expanded her private practise with Do it Differently. Providing individually customised vestibular rehabilitation, clinical hypnotherapy, mind coaching and NLP depending upon the requirements and preferences of her clients her truly holistic approach benefits those with vestibular disorders and those struggling with issues involving stress or anxiety achieve understanding, relief and improvement.

Further information regarding vestibular rehabilitation, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP can be found on Michaela's website www.do-it-differently.co.uk