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Professor Rea Travels to Switzerland

Professor Rea is off to Switzerland shortly for a quick trip to lecture to Masterclass Europe on otosclerosis - one of the commonest types of hearing loss in adults. Hearing can usually be restored with either hearing aids or surgery. This will be followed by another quick trip this time to Oman where he is lecturing on other ENT related issues with talks covering all aspects of ENT (if BA don’t keep changing his flight times).

2019 Leicester Balance Course

Professor Rea has begun arrangements for the 2019 Leicester Balance Course. It will be held at De Montfort University for the first time next year and will run from September 18th-20th 2019. The facilities look superb. This will be the 14th year Professor Rea has run this 3 day course with a faculty of international experts. Delegates come from a wide range of medical specialities including ENT, neurology, physicians, care of the elderly, GPs, audiologists, and physiotherapists. A team approach is emphasised. More details will be released shortly.

Treatment of Meniere’s Disease

Professor Rea is delighted to have been selected to join a further international study into the potential benefit of long acting steroids for the treatment of Meniere’s Disease when injected into the ear. More details will be published as the study gets up and running.


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