News in November

News in November

Professor Rea Visits Oman

Professor Rea visited Oman in November where he gave a lecture on artificial intelligence in medical diagnoses. This must be the future of medicine and is an exciting area of development. Professor Rea is deeply involved in research projects in this area.

Royal Society Christmas Lecture

Professor Rea is honoured to have been invited to give one of the Royal Society of Medicine Christmas lectures this year. He will be talking on how to set up the best balance service for the UK

The British Society of Neuro-otology October 2019 Conference

Professor Rea, in his capacity of Chairman of The British Society of Neuro-otology, is organising the October 2019 conference with colleagues in London with an exciting programme of cutting edge balance research. All doctors and scientists with an interest are encouraged to attend (see the BSNO website)

2019 Leicester Balance Course

Professor Rea is busy organising the 2019 Leicester Balance Course which will be run in the wonderful facilities of De Montfort University for the first time. It will be the 14th annual course Professor Rea has run and it continues to go from strength to strength with a fact drawn from the UK and USA. Doctors, physiotherapists, audiologists, and other medical staff interested in learning about balance over a 3 day intensive course are encouraged to join us. Advertising will be found in ENT News and other journals.

Professor Rea Visits Innsbruck

Professor joined colleagues on a visit to Innsbruck in September to learn of developments in middle ear implants at the MEDEL facility. The Leicester team will be introducing the implants to the county for the first time. These are advanced hearing aids which are implanted into the skull and ear, with the sound producing elements hidden beneath the skin.

Professor Rea Visits Lausanne

Professor Rea travelled to Lausanne, Switzerland in September to lecture on the ENT Masterclass course. He was invited to speak on otosclerosis - a very common form of conductive hearing loss he has written extensively about over the years and which can be treated very effectively surgically where appropriate. The operation being a stapedectomy.

New Advanced Equipment

In October The London Road Clinic received new advanced equipment to test middle ear function and balance function which will add to its superb suite of audio-vestibular testing equipment. This attracts patients from all over the UK and abroad, as well as medico-legal requests from legal firm requiring the highest quality assessments of their clients.

Intra-Tympanic Steroid Treatments for Meniere’s Disease

Professor Rea and his team have been nominated once more by the American biotechnology company Otonomy to run a part of their latest study into long acting intra-tympanic steroid treatments for Meniere’s Disease. Patient recruitment will launch in December 2019. If you have definite single sided Meniere’s Disease (confirmed by a consultant and with an abnormal audiogram), you don’t have migraine as well, and have not had surgery or injections into he ear before you may be eligible and Prof Rea would be delighted to hear from you.

Busy 2019 for Professor Rea

Professor Rea has an active looking 2019 ahead of him. Medical meetings he has been invited to lecture at will include free time at the weekends to ski in the Alps, climb in the Hindu Kush, and view the architecture of Uzbekistan. He has promised us however he will make up for any lost time with extra clinics at The London Road Clinic before and after each trip so no one is kept waiting. Such meetings allow discussions with colleagues from around the worked and the dissemination of best practice in the management of ENT disorders, both common and obscure.

New Operating Microscope and Microsuction Machine

Over the Autumn the London Road Clinic took delivery of a brand new operating microscope and microsuction machine. This will make for even better ear care both by the consultant ENT Surgeons in the clinic, but also for the senior nursing staff who offer the ever popular ear wax cleaning service by microsuction - which is great value. If your ears are blocked with wax give the clinic a call and they will explain how we might help clear your ears. Demand has grown as patients, happy with the friendly service they receive, return regularly when their ears block up again, and as GP services withdraw from ear syringing.


Life on the Level Meeting - June 22nd

Life on the Level will feature Prof Rea as a guest speaker at their support group meeting on June 22nd07 June 2019

Life on the Level Meeting - June 22nd
Leicester Balance Course

Professor Rea will be running the Leicester Balance Course for its 20th year05 June 2019

Leicester Balance Course
Spring News

Spring News from the London Road Clinic04 June 2019

Spring News
First Support Group Meeting is a Huge Success

London Road Clinic hosted the first meeting of the balance support group on March 16th 2019.17 March 2019

First Support Group Meeting is a Huge Success